Nappy Boy Team

  • Hertrech Eugene Jr.  aka "Hert" is a passionate automotive personality known for his exceptional drifting skills and captivating content. Named the most important influencer in the car world by Road & Track Magazine in 2022, Hert has left an incredible mark on the automotive community. The former Hoonigan now sets out to write the next chapter of car culture on his terms. 

  • Celebrity Master Mechanic, and all around automotive guru. Rob Robinson is the power house of "know how" that's needed in every garage. Having worked on T-Pain's wildest cars since the earliest days of his career, there was no question that Rob would be an integral part of the team. As a successful business owner and proficient driver in his own right, Rob's "hands on" approach to everything is a testament to Nappy Boy Automotive's ethos of authenticity.  

  • First introduced to drifting in 2018. 6x Grammy Award Winning Artist, Producer, and Soungwriter T-Pain has earned his stripes in the automotive community. From building a drift car completely on his own, to receiving lessons from Formula Drift Champions, T-Pain is dedicated to becoming an authentic voice in the automotive space.