T-Pain and Hert release new single "Baby Got Brap" - Nappy Boy Ent.

NEW YORK, NY – October 20, 2023 – GRAMMY Award-winning, multi-faceted artist and entrepreneur T-Pain has teamed up with Hert for latest single, “Baby Got Brap” alongside a brand-new high-energy music video for the song.



“Baby Got Brap” was conceptualized from actual automotive acoustics – motorsport afficionados may recognize the distinctive “brap” of an actual RX7 rotary engine underlying T-Pain’s beat in the new track. Hert, formerly of racing division Hoonigans, serves as president and co-founder of Nappy Boy Automotive. T-Pain and Hert’s first company build together will be a new RX7 which will become the signature car for Nappy Boy Automotive.


T-Pain had this to say about the collaboration, “Coming together with Hert on “Baby Got Brap” started as joke. Then after I made the beat live on Twitch and got a couple White Claws deep, things got a little more real and I flew Hert from LA to my studio in Atlanta. Everybody is stoked on how well Hert did for it being his first time and I think it really lit a fire in him much like me with my first time drifting. More to come soon!!”


Shot on the streets of Los Angeles, the music video for “Baby Got Brap” is a visual roadshow of impressive cars and pro-drifting. Featuring cameos from rapper Trae The Truth and social media star Dancing Dan, the video is a true homage to T-Pain and Hert’s shared passion.


Tomorrow, October 21, Nappy Boy Automotive will be attending motorsports festival series GRIDLIFE at Laguna Seca Raceway in Monterey County, CA. T-Pain’s first thrill ride in a drift car at GRIDLIFE in Atlanta back in 2019 is originally what inspired him to start Nappy Boy Automotive. He rejoined the GRIDLIFE community as a driver earlier this year at Lime Rock Park, drifting his Ford Mustang RTR. The event will mark the first-time drifting will be allowed on the famed racetrack. In another history-making milestone, T-Pain and Hert are set to headline the mainstage at the festival – which will be the first-time live music has been allowed at the track in over 50 years.


In addition to today’s single release, Nappy Boy Automotive announced the soft launch of their online storefront. For the first time ever, Nappy Boy Automotive merchandise and clothing is available for purchase via nappyboyautomotive.com.